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Jess Castellote is a Spanish architect living in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the Director of the Virtual Museum of Modern Nigerian art

  1. hello jess,
    i sent u a mail to your box.i just joined a site think its a wonderful opportunity for artists to get their work to wider audience.
    can you please spRead the word through your blog?

  2. Gwendoline Nyambi permalink

    Hi jess,
    You seem to be coordinating or have track of Nigerian architects/artists and their work. I am in Texas US and been trying to get touch with Tony Chizea all in vain. Please I’ll be glad if you could send his contacts through my email to me. You can also confirm with Tony so you don’t think I am one internet hoax.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation

  3. Rodney Asikhia permalink

    Hello Jess,
    Currently i am empowering Artist with Laptops to enhance their presentations as well as encourage documentations of discovery made during their course of work.

    i encourage educating children, youth and adult on learning Art as a form of empowerment so in collaboration with Joseph eze, Yoloye Soji, Dudu emmanuel, Joel Utuedor we shall give free art education as soon as we are ready.

    It is with great honor i invite you to my gallery in Lagos. I have been collecting and Promoting Art in Nigeria in the last 12 years. we are new and Officially Opened the gallery’s Collection to the Public to acquire, enjoy and appreciate.

    i shall furnish you an appointment and address of the gallery once i get your reply.

    Thank you and thanks to Mr eze joseph for introducing me to this link.

    Rodney Asikhia
    Tribes Art Africa

  4. hi jess,
    i intend to come again to lagos in the 2nd week of june.i wll be coming with new/fresh can check out my profile page in this site akinwolere.i will call you as soon as i come.

  5. mikey permalink

    hi just want to enquire about tony nsofor’s artwork? i have aq couple of his works and am interested how much they would be worth?
    yours mike

  6. please, i need to inform you that my web site is currently undergoing some changes. so for now,is currently not avaliable. Am a graduate of physiololgy university of ilorin,but i’ll like to further my career in ART,cos i guess thats my natural area of call.My problem is i have lovely art works on ground with no where to exhibit them please helo me out!!

  7. please, i need to inform you that my web site is currently undergoing some changes. so for now,is currently not avaliable. Am a graduate of physiololgy university of ilorin,but i’ll like to further my career in ART,cos i guess thats my natural area of call.My problem is i have lovely art works on ground with no where to exhibit them please help me out!! email is

  8. Chad Kenyon permalink

    I’m thrilled to find this site. I will be visiting Lagos sometime this Autumn. My greatest desire is to study the art of West Africa. Any suggestions on where I should go in Lagos and the surrounding area to experience the art? Thank you.

  9. Hello Mr. Jess & friends…Amazing traditional arts.

  10. simon permalink

    Hi Jess

    I recently had the good fortune of being exposed to some truly amazing art by a local Nigerian Artist, Elijah Ekanem.

    Would love to make direct contact with Elijah with a view to seeing more of his portfolio – do you on the off chance have his email & or contact details?

    Much appreciated


    • Ronke permalink

      did you make contact with the artist? I recently bought 4 of pieces in my visit to Abuja, if you wish I can provide you with the name of the individual who helped me source the pieces. The work is truly amazing.

      • ekanem Elijah permalink

        Good evening Lady Ronke. Thanks for purchasing my works 4 yrs ago. I’m truly grateful.

  11. Keep up the good work Jess!

    Now, how can electronic communication and customer service at the galleries be improved?
    Phone calls are not answered or returned, ineffective and rude response when they are.
    No websites, broken links and very little information when they exist.
    God forbid emails are responded to.

  12. Dwayne Hartley permalink

    Its amazing the quality of Art coming out of Africa in the last decade. I ran into some high quality graphic design work of Nigerian Illustrator Terna Harlem Kaikyenge on a review late 2008, can anybody link me to a website or a more expansive portfolio of this artist?

    I’m a researcher and am currently documenting emerging creative forces of the 21st century.

  13. Hi Jess
    Very interested to see your blog – congratulations and thanks – I have recently moved back to London after twenty years in East Africa and I am a dealer in contemporary African art from across Africa. Check out my site and my blog which is a bit erratic .
    Send me your email so I can add you to my mailing list if you would like that.



  14. Paul Ayokhai permalink

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!
    I’m very happy going through this blog. If there is any other way to score you, i like to have you alive on a canvas.

    …wishing you all the best on your great work on Nigerian Artists.

    paul ayokhai

  15. Hello Mr. Les,

    I came across your blog, and I very much appreciate the way you’re linking artist in Nigeria most especially in Lagos. Enclosed here are my details, i am an artist and as well runs an art gallery in Lagos with particular reference to “abstract panting”.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Uche Onumajulu
    08033328306 & 08053485162.

  16. Durodola Yusuf permalink

    Love you for the great impact on Nigerian artist
    I came across your blog through the mail sent to my box.

    i am a Nigerian Artist, a painter, love impacting art knowledge
    on children.
    Tel: 08052230163

  17. adebesin adedamola permalink

    hi, Jess. just want to make few suggestion about the site .i thank there should be visual display of some work of art.

  18. Hello Jess, Your blog is quite a sumptuous journal of contemporary art in Nigeria. I’m very pleased to read it after a patron directed me to check out the blog which he also enjoyed so much. Regards, Yisa

  19. i am excited to realize, for the first time, your thrill for my works of art. I have a burning desire to meet You, too. Thanks

  20. EKANEM ELIJAH permalink


  21. Sir,i want to say a big thank you for the great works you have been doing,though am new to your site but i already have a confidence that i will by all means gain a lot,which i will in turn teach my fellows.Am very good at portrait drawing and am looking forward to the day when i will have my own exhibition.not like am not prepared but it just that things has not been really nice over in Nigeria.

  22. Carlos Pujadas permalink

    Hi Jess, nice blog! I will follow the nigerian art from Buenos Aires. Don’t forget to put in practice everything in next 72 hours!
    Best wishes

  23. Hi there Jess,

    I thought you might be interested in an event we have going on called The Artist’s Experience at The White Space: 58 Raymond Njoku Street, off Awolowo Rd. Have a look at my website for more info. Hope to see you there.



  24. (just in case you didn’t get it)

  25. Hey Jess,
    Thanks for the Info and input on the Artist,Olu Amoda.My cousin I.Stache used to teach with him (silk painting ) at Yabatech many years ago when her husband worked in Lagos with the “German Auswaertige Amt”.
    They are also good friends.
    Was a pleasur to read your blog.

    Karin Moore

  26. Caroline Sage permalink

    Jess, your blog such a needed resource, and such a wonderful find for me personally. Thanks so much for your time and passion. I would be extremely grateful to have a chat with you about a range of ideas I am trying to develop to support different aspects of the arts here. Your experience and ideas would be invaluable I am sure. Grateful if you can let me know how best to contact you. Cheers

  27. Please Jess, its Patrick a friend to Asidere Emuyenwomeno.(the IT guy that wants to go into Creative Landscaping & Beautification ) Asidere and I met at the Nosa’s exhibition with Ato . Please I need Asidere’s contacts phone , email as well as Ato’s.My phone got lost recently.Am ready now and I also need you to help me.Hope you are fine.

  28. Hi,my name is Ibrahim Gbadamosi.I’m a self trained artist.It would be a great honour to have you as a guest at my maiden exhibition tagged “Artisticjuice” holding at The African Foundation For the Arts,29 Balarabe Musa Cresent ,Victoria Island,Lagos, from December10 to 14.To preview the exhibition pls visit; feel free to use vthe images in your commentary on your blog)

  29. neela permalink

    Hi Jess,
    Can you help me Im looking to buy 2 art from good nigerian artist who would you suggest?
    Thanks for your help

  30. Bamidele Adegboyega permalink

    Hi Jess
    It is a wonderful experience valuing your inquisitive nature about art/artists in Nigeria.More strength to your elbow!
    I’m an artist,writer,author,educationist and Coordinator of ALTERNATIVE ARTS FRIENDLY INITIATIVE NETWORK (AAFIN)with a view towards using the arts to facilitate and enhance teaching-learning process among young people.Im based in ibadan.I organize children art exhibition yearly(fourth edition on the way )I will like to meet you or give you this open invitation to attend at Alliance Francoise,ibadan next year February 25th,2012.Theme:My Nigeria:with or without Corruption.

  31. Hi Jess, I remember that we have been in touch some time ago, when we did our last play Cost of Living. Somehow I cant find your emailadress any more. So I thought I better contact you this way. We have another show on in Terra Kulture, ANIMAL FARM, a Nigerian adaption and stage adaption of George Orwell’s Novel. Performances will be on this Sunday and next Sunday at 3pm and 6pm. We have started a Facebook page: Monu and Monu Productions, where we uploaded pictures from rhearsals and a short trailer, as well as the flyer. If you like I can also send you the information to an Emailaccount.
    Please let us know if you can come, we would love to meet you in person.
    Best regards,

  32. Omenogo Ouwuka permalink

    Hi Jess,
    A current project on museum design in a course-Virtual City led me to a search for virtual museums in Nigeria which in turn, led me here. I am currently studying Digital Architectural Design at masters level at the Salford University, Manchester. Being the director of Virtual Museum of Modern Nigerian Art, I am very interested in working with you, in any way beneficial to the Museum especially in the design of virtual spaces and enhancing the virtual experience.

  33. Hello Jess, My spanish friends Begonia and Belen from Abuja sent me your link. I am Gary Stephens an American artist living in Johannesburg and coming to Lagos on an inspiration gathering trip. Your blog looks great and I will use it as a source of finding galleries and places to view art. Thank you!!! I make huge drawings of contemporary urban style, braided hair, hats… so I am looking forward to seeing what is happening in Lagos.

    On Thursday March 1st, at 15:00, I will give a talk about my work at CCA Lagos. Gallery Momo, in Johannesburg where I exhibit is connecting me to CCA. I will talk about my technique of pleating and folding my drawings to create stripes. I will also discuss my new expressionistic portraits painted on Nigerian wax fabric.

    Would be great to meet you

  34. Hi Jess, I have a ncie photo of you and Ade but nit sure where to email you. What a nice afternoon seeing Lagos art scene. Thank you so much. Looking forward to returning to Lagos

  35. Jess, puedes darme tu correo electrónico. Me encantaría hablar contigo para un texto en el blog África no es un país que tenemos en el diario El País. Por si no lo conoces: un vistazo aquí

  36. Anna Marie Benedict permalink

    Dear Mr Castellote

    I am an editor of a new magazine profiling the best of Africa and would love to speak to or get in contact with you about your views on Nigerian artists and discuss your journey through African art.

    Would this be something you would be interested in and be able to give a few minutes of your time? It would be very much appreciated.


    Anna Marie Benedict

  37. anna consonni permalink

    Buongiorno Jess. Vorrei, se possibile, avere informazioni su due opere pittoriche nigeriane (o grafiche?) in mio possesso dal 1985. ho trovato alcune informazioni e vengono classificate come “emboumbas”. E’ possibile? La ringrazio per il suo interesse. O forse potrebbe indicarmi qualche esperto di arte pittorica nigeriana in Milano? Grazie Anna Consonni

  38. Hi Jess,
    Its been an age since we communicated. How is work in Lagos and the LBS. You are doing an Awesome job!!! I commend all your efforts. Olu Amoda is a very good friend of mine. Looking forward to hearing from you sometime. Dimeji Ajasin (we worked together on the LBS project, while I was at Design Group).

  39. Dear Mr Castellote,
    For my book: Monumental Tapestry Today, I try to have more info about
    El Anatsui, traditional Ewe weaving, Kente etc. Please, give me some advice.

    Klara Tamas
    fine artist, New York
    book in progress:

  40. Dear Jess, Greetings from the Johannesburg Art Fair this weekend. Missing you and Sammy here. Was hoping to show you around some of the interesting Joburg art spots and non profit centers. Lagos is represented at the fair by Omenka gallery which has a booth.

    I’ll be in touch soon to invite you to my first Lagos solo show, The Ankara Portraits: Gary Stephens at Omenka Gallery, opening October 19th, 16:00

    Hope to see you there. I”ll be in Lagos for a sort of residency for a month and hope we can meet

    Gary Stephens

  41. Ezekiel(prof) permalink

    hi, jess.Good job,akande Ezekiel (Prof).pls keep me updated.

  42. Juliana permalink

    Hello Jess,
    Any art schools in Lagos? Want to learn drawing, painting and sculpting.
    I am a cake artist and I would love to improve on my work as an artist using cake as my medium. Is there any art school you can recommend for me?

  43. Tola permalink

    Hi Jess, could you please change the contact info for Quintessence, it’s:

    Park View Estate Entrance,
    Off Gerrard Road

  44. gerard houghton permalink

    Hi Jess, Came across a reference to your ‘Contemporary Nigerian Art in Private Collections’ in a Bonhams catalogue – Africa Now May 2014 – but the article quoted appears to refer to work by Ablade Glover of Ghana. I wasn’t aware that you had written about Glover before – but I’m working on him and would like a proper reference to the original article – if possible – rather than the small, incomplete snippets quoted in the catalogue. Could you please help with that. I will certainly be returning to this blog for more browsing anon. I wonder did you know Sandor Peri in the old days. Best regards, Gerard Houghton, London

  45. Rele Gallery just opened in Lagos!
    5 military street, onikan

  46. Dear Jess Castellote, it was great to find your blog and to follow up on art in Nigeria. I’m an art blogger myself, based in Berlin, and I have a series about art bloggers worldwide with the aim to connect more. I would love to feature your blog. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards

  47. kwan permalink

    I just saw your posted, You mean Toni Chizea from Galerie Falconi in Lagos Nigeria.

    If yes, I know him very well and I have his contact address.

  48. Oludele Thomas permalink

    Hello Jess,
    I am currently carrying out a research work on nigerian artworks that will be of interest to you. I have been trying to link up with you on linkedin with no success. Kindly let me have your e-mail so we can discuss.

    • Jess Castellote permalink

      Please, send me your email and I will reply.

  49. Lola huete machado permalink

    gracias Jess. Puedo traducirlo al castellano y publicarlo en el blog Africa no es un país?

  50. Jess Castellote permalink

    Lola, sin ningun problema. Si lo publicas, enviame el link!, Feliz Navidad. Jess

  51. Hola Jess, soy Ángela de la revista afribuku.

    Te escribo para preguntarte si podríamos traducir y publicar tu artículo sobre el tristemente fallecido Ben Osaghae.
    Tienes algún email personal?

    Un saludo y gracias por adelantado.

  52. Jess Castellote permalink

    Sin problemas.

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