2017 was a great year for the visual arts in Nigeria. Nobody knows how 2018 will be but I have made a list of young artists, based in Nigeria, I want to follow this year. Obviously, this list does not aim at being comprehensive. Surely, there are quite a few others that are as promising as these ones. Unfortunately, I can only follow the few I already know. I will be glad to receive suggestions and review the list…

This very personal list includes 18 visual artists living in Nigeria (at least for now!!!) and who are under 30 years old. I am sure before the end of the year I will have added quite a few others and perhaps in my 2019 list I will drop some of those I am including this year.

1. Nengi OMUKU (b. 1987)  20170410_104905~01

2. Dennis OSADEBE (b. 1991)who-can-say-where-we-are-going-by-dennis-osadebe

3. Ayobola KEKERE-EKUN (b. 1993)IMG_5936 AAAAAAAAA

4. Dipo DOHERTY (b. 1991)Chief(2015)_ Acrylic on canvas_ 68x65 aaa

5. Ken NWADIOGBU (b. 1994)273 NWADIOGBU

6. Chibuike UZOMA (b. 1992)Chibuike_Artworks_ (5) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7. Odiabehor ODIBO (b. 1993)20171128_130041 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

8. Logor OLUMUYIWA (b. 1990)logor-adeyemi-monochrome-series-design-indaba-16

9. Sejiro AVOSEH (b. 1991)IMG-20170831-WA0003

10. Yadichinma UKOHA-KALU (b. 1995)Capture

11. Adesokan ADEDAYO (b. 1994)Fordili

12. Marcellina AKPOJOTOR (b. 1989)Marcelllina 1

13. Babajide OLATUNJI (b. 1989) babajide-02 a

14. Jimmy NWANNE (b. 1989)Songs-of-Tomorrow-Jimmy-Nwanne-2014-Collage-Oil-on-Canvas-120-x-200cm-622x369

15. Stacey RAVVEROStacey 3

16. Ifedoyin SHOTUNDECapture

17. Osora MOJEKWUe28098the-wait_-by-osora-mojekwu

18. Tunde ALARACapture



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